How to make luosifen?

The luosifen is one of the more popular products of Liziqi family. The small ingredients are packaged separately. The ancient-style packaging makes people's eyes shine. I never thought that the luosifen could be so fresh and refined.

  2. Cut off the lean meat from the pork bones, and cut the spine into pieces directly.
  3. 2. Soak the snails in clean water for 1 hour to remove the sediment and earthy smell, then wash them again.
  4. 3. Cut the material into shreds and cubes, pour some oil into the pan to fry the yuba slices (the oil should be hot when frying the yuba slices, but keep it away from the fire. Otherwise, it will burn), and then pour the remaining oil into the fried yuba slices with chili powder, make chili oil (pay attention to the remaining temperature of fried bean curd sticks, no need to add fire).
  5. 4. Put the pork bones into the pot to boil the soup, add a tablespoon of rice wine to the water, put the shredded sauerkraut and diced capers into the pot, and fry. Add a little oil, but do not put salt.
  6. 5. Put the black fungus and pork (cut lean meat) in a pan and fry until cooked. Add a little salt.
  7. 6. Put oil in the pot, add garlic and ginger slices to sauté, then add snails and stir-fry. Add one tablespoon of salt and half a tablespoon of spices and fry for 2 minutes, then add half a bowl of water, boil it, and put it into the bone soup together cook.
  8. 7. Cook the soup with snail meat for 1 hour, then prepare the chili oil in advance into the pot (if you don't like spicy food, you can omit it).
  9. 8. Boil half a pot of water again, and put salt in the water (stir well, it tastes salty). When the water boils, put the rice noodles in the water and scald them, pick them up, add the prepared ingredients, and finally add the snail soup and luosifen to complete up.
  10. Is luosifen delicious?
  11. The luosifen are delicious, and the noodles inside are also very strong. The deliciousness of luosifen is also due to its unique soup. The soup is made from snails, kaempferol, star anise, cinnamon, cloves, peppers, and other natural spices and flavorings.
  12. In addition to being fresh, sour, cool, and hot, luosifen are also unique in their spicy taste. It is made of Liuzhou's unique soft, tough and refreshing rice noodles, mixed with ingredients such as bamboo shoots, peanuts, fried yuba, day lily, dried radish, fresh green vegetables, and a rich and moderate hot and sour flavor and boiled snail soup. Because of the unique and delicious snail soup, people want to eat it even after it.
  13. The red is a layer of chili oil floating on it, the green ones are seasonal vegetables, and the delicious snail soup permeates every vermicelli. The chili oil in luosifen is different from ordinary The spiciness is different, this kind of spicy is aggressive, tender and crispy so that people forget their standard.
  14. The origin of luosifen:
  15. In the 1970s and 1980s, China's Gubu Street Vegetable Market became the largest wholesale distribution center for raw snails in Liuzhou City. After the nearby Worker's Cinema audience finished, they liked to go shopping nearby, forming the Gubu Street Night Market.
  16. Liuzhou people have always been fond of eating snails and rice noodles, and some night market owners sell boiled snails and rice noodles simultaneously. Some diners like to add snail soup with a lot of oil and water to the rice noodles, thus forming the prototype of luosifen.
  17. luosifen is an opportunistic product in the general environment. Its birth fits the market demand, and its out-of-the-circle benefited from the favorable time, place and people in the market environment.
  18. luosifen is a "model student" of instant food products, and it is even sold overseas. Its unique charm has expanded its territory in Britain, the United States, Australia and other regions. luosifen is a popular product of the Li Ziqi brand, and her strength also allows her to invest and build a factory in Liuzhou.

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