The Li family has a daughter, known as ZiQi, Li Ziqi youtube cooking exper

Hibernating in the earthly world, each of us has a piece of the ideal life in our hearts that "although we can't get there, our hearts yearn for it".

There is such a woman, living out herself, living out the ideals of the people of the moment, living out the look that makes more than 10 million netizens envious.
 liziqi cooking
The Li family has a daughter, known as ZiQi. A simple sentence, said her name, but can not say all her life, she lived out the model we want ......

A small and delicate woman, a single move but reveals the classical woman's elegance; the appearance of small and delicate, but can sharply move the bowl thick stake, experienced a period of hardship, but can not forget the original heart, with the warmth of the heart, reproduce the childhood brought her memories of food.
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She lived an idyllic life, far from the hustle and bustle of the world, with a frying pan of food and a scoop of drink, which well illustrates the "life of longing" that people are struggling to find nowadays. "The morning rise of the barren, with the moon load hoe return", just like the life depicted in Tao Yuanming's poem, "ZiQi" in real life really live so ......
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When cherries are ripe, she picks them to make sauce; when peach blossoms are in bloom, she picks them to make wine; when yellow peaches are ripe, they are used to make canned food; when there is nothing to do, she sips tea, drinks wine, accompanies her grandmother, and lives a comfortable life in the mountains.

A small and delicate girl, a pair of clever hands, into the kitchen, on the hall, this is her - Li Ziqi, that can be smelled through the screen aroma of a gourmet, begging cakes, En peach wine, the ancient method of stewing blood fish, etc., in addition to food, in her life, can also "make a kiln In addition to food, in her life, she can also "make a kiln", "make a dressing table", "make a pavilion", handicraft work and food double-pronged, all-round life general knowledge, work sharp energy, anti-conventional various characteristics in her body coexist.
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Work like a brown man, do not scream bitter, do not scream tired!

Married to a wife like Li Ziqi: a fairy with black hair, living the life we aspire to
liziqi White dresses
She is like a fairy who doesn't eat fire and smoke, so that the heart is moved!

Marry a wife like Li ZiQi: a fairy with black hair, living the life we aspire to

In addition to life is full of fairy, desirable, its a long hair to the waist and black hair (girls with little hair look over, Medei Alice do not miss), coupled with the ancient style of dress is to make people clap their hands! I believe that many ladies are envious of her black hair, Li Ziqi from the city to the idyllic life, changed their hair color (or that, there are problems to find Medei Alice), but it has set off a trend on the network to pursue the ancient style, so that people go after the life that everyone really wants in their hearts.

Marry a wife like Li Ziqi: a fairy with black hair, living the life we aspire to
"Moves like a rabbit, quiet as a virgin" is probably the most appropriate evaluation of her, someone once asked ZiQi, what is your biggest dream for the future? She said, is to stay with her grandmother, live a happy and uneventful life, stay in the countryside to plant flowers and vegetables, plant a lot of fruit trees, a variety of vegetables, flowers. Every morning, she gets up and picks all the fruits and vegetables she needs for the day, and then she doesn't go out for the day. When it comes to this, her eyes shone with a beautiful and brilliant light, she really lived the way she wanted.

Marry a wife like Li Ziqi: a fairy with black hair, living the life we aspire to
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The life of "resting at sunset and sitting at sunrise" brings endless reverie to modern people, but Li Ziqi has created a dream for us, a modern dream of idyllic life, so that we can see what it looks like to stop and live in peace ...... The woman, let us see the essence of life, let us tap into their own hearts.

Just such a not high-profile, convenient, personalized Medei Alice, bring people more peace of mind, reassurance.
The heart's direction, the vegetarian walk in the past. Life is still moving forward, although there are too many difficulties and hardships in life, but this world, only love and food can not be disappointed, the appropriate time to slow down, to discover their own heart really want to live it!

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