What makes Li Ziqi popular in the Internet world?

Growing up.

                  Li Ziqi was born in a - small mountain village in Mianyang, Sichuan. When she was very young, her parents divorced and her father died early, so she had to live with her grandparents at a young age. In the mountains, due to the very difficult living conditions, she grew up following the two elderly people to learn how to grow vegetables and cook, which played an indelible role in the future. In order to relieve the burden of her grandparents, she dropped out of school at the age of 14 and went to work. In those days, she worked as a waitress and bar DJ.

                  But the complicated and repetitive life outside made her a bit uncomfortable, plus her grandmother was already old, finally in 2012 Li Ziqi decided to quit her job and return to her hometown to accompany her grandmother for the rest of her life ......

The history of becoming popular.

                 After returning to her hometown, Li Ziqi occasionally came into contact with short videos, so she tried to record videos, but accidentally exploded in popularity, gaining numerous likes and fans, and gaining more than 7.3 million fans on YouTube! Of course, the popularity of the whole network is not accidental, there is no doubt that her work has a strong Chinese style. For example, in March, when the peach blossoms are in full bloom, she enjoys them while picking them to make peach blossom wine; in May, when the pipa is ripe, she picks it to make pipa pastry; in the original woods, she collects raw materials to make snail noodles; in addition to embroidery, woodworking, and so on. These all have distinctive de1 Chinese traditional cultural imagery plus the video post-production took a lilting traditional go-go style, successfully shaped a poetic mountain life scenario. By herself, she created a precedent in the field of short food videos - "ancient fragrance and ancient food".


         Li Ziqi's popularity at home and abroad is not so much a cultural export as a cultural phenomenon. In fact, she is just a content entrepreneur who seized the historical opportunity of short video development and carefully showed the beautiful part of mountain village life with her own diligence in order to gain the audience's recognition and attention.

But in any case, in the case of Li Ziqi, we can recognize the values accepted by countries all over the world, which can be diligence, friendliness, harmony with nature, etc. I think this is also one of the important reasons why Li Ziqi can be popular at home and abroad.

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