where is li ziqi now?

Li Ziqi, who has been off for a year, is coming back.

On July 14, 2021, Li Ziqi, who was elected as the "China Intangible Cultural Heritage Person of the Year" 2021, put a temporary end to her self-media creation update with a video titled "The End of Chai, Rice, Oil, Salt, Sauce, Vinegar, and Tea"...
Who is it? A piece of news can attract 570 million people's attention and 500,000 likes.

It's Li Ziqi!
On July 14 last year, after she released the final chapter of "Well Salt" of "Chai Rice Oil Salt Sauce Vinegar Tea", she stopped without warning.
Later, he also fell into the turmoil of calling the police, losing control of "Li Ziqi" IP, a lawsuit, and "capital" rigidity.
After disappearing for more than 270 days, she is finally back! !!
And also updated a dynamic on Weibo.

Although it is only a picture and a paragraph, the words "dialogue with the highest prosecutor", "rural revitalization", and "special planning for the two sessions in 2022" tell everyone that she is doing something meaningful to many people.
Sure enough, some netizens swiped the topic #李子柒 went to Ganzi#, and the Ganzi official also personally came forward to confirm: "It's true, they also brought more than 2,000 pieces of clothing to the children."
Netizens have left messages to cheer:"When will you update? I haven't seen your video for too long; I miss it so much."

"Long time no see. You are finally back! Love can last for a long time. Let's pay attention to and help the revitalization of the countryside together!"
"It's March, and spring is here. If we haven't finished talking in winter, we will slowly talk in spring."
Everyone knows Li Ziqi's life experience. Her parents divorced when she was a child. After her father remarried, her stepmother treated her badly. She would push her head into the ditch and beat her to death.
A childhood of all kinds of torture, with the care of lucky grandparents, can make it difficult to grow up.
"Someone in my world gave me a light, so I remember this light, and I am very eager to pass this light to more people."

She knows how to be grateful. In 2012, when she learned that her grandmother, who depended on her, was sick, she immediately quit her job and decided to accompany her to live in the countryside.
In order to make ends meet, Li Ziqi opened a Taobao store.
In order to make Taobao's business better, she started to shoot short videos but unexpectedly became popular, and she has since embarked on the road of short video bloggers.
From 2015 to 2022, Li Ziqi's Weibo fans increased from 0, 10,000, and 400,000 at first to 2 million, 5 million, and then 27 million. The cumulative number of fans on various domestic Internet platforms has exceeded 100 million.

The account of the foreign video website also has more than 16 million fans, setting a Guinness record for "the most subscribed YouTube Chinese channel".
But behind this is a difficult road after another.
When he first started shooting videos, Li Ziqi was still a photographer and could only use his mobile phone for simple creations.
So, she went to a friend who taught video production, bought the first SLR in her life under the guidance of her friend, and learned the most basic use only after reading the manual.

After that, I went to follow "A Bite of China" and learned the framing, composition, and shooting techniques in it.
At that time, the protagonist in the video was her, and so was the photographer.
Li Ziqi can only go up mountains and rivers, climb trees and get in the rain, and adjust the position and angle of the camera by himself.
Repeatedly turn it on and off until you get the shot you want.
For example, her first out-of-the-circle "Lanzhou Ramen" video.

Raising noodles is a technical job, and Li Ziqi only knew a little about fur, so she found a local Gansu master who opened a ramen restaurant, and they agreed to teach her.
She pulled the noodles every day until her arm was so sore that she couldn't lift it. Finally, she was able to pull out evenly and evenly after a month before she started to shoot the video.

In the video of Lanzhou Beef Noodles, anyone who knows it knows that ramen is a technical job, not something that can be done by just learning a few times. That's why the chefs of those ramen shops spend months and thousands of yuan studying at the ramen school in Lanzhou, so at first, I only learned about the history of some fur and some beef noodles. But the ramen job really stumped me. But it happened that my friend knew a chef from Kailanzhou Ramen Restaurant in Gansu, so I ran off without saying a word. As a result, the master said that he didn't want to teach it, but under my influence, he begged for an In the afternoon, I said casually at the end, my videos have been viewed by tens of millions, and I can help you develop Lanzhou Ramen.

There are more than 200 shots. After each shot, wipe a finger to turn off the shooting button, and then wash your hands before confirming the picture for the next adjustment.
Back and forth, just wash your hands until you shed your skin!
There is more difficulty than this.
Selecting flour, adding water, adding salt, kneading, kneading, and proofing Every aspect of the ramen noodles was exquisite, and Li Ziqi couldn't focus at that time, so the whole process kept repeating the word "remake."
The flour is out of focus, the angle of adding water is wrong, the position of the tripod is not adjusted correctly, and the position of the lens is the wrong Retake! Remake! Remake!
In the end, this video took a full 3 days to shoot. I made big naan with waste dough and ate it for half a month.

The flour is out of focus. Remake!

Out of focus, reshoot

The angle is wrong when adding water. This dough is useless, get a new one and remake it!

When the water was added, it blurred again, and the dough was useless again. Take the new dough and remake it!

The position of the tripod has not been adjusted yet.

Gabon's grey water is in the wrong place, remake, remake!

The camera has not been adjusted. The gluten that has been kneaded is gone. Re-bake, reshoot!

There are many more such examples. In order to take the desired shot, she was frozen for seven or eight hours in the snow at an altitude of 2,000 meters and minus ten degrees, and she had a fever to the point of talking nonsense.

Shooting from early morning to 3 or 4 am, was a common practice, and even because I didn't have time to eat, I devoured cold meals and got gastroenteritis.

There are also injuries while filming, etc., etc.
When it comes to editing, Li Ziqi can't use professional computer editing software but can only use mobile phones.
Converting from the camera's MOV format to the mobile phone's mp4 format takes 5-8 hours of footage for a video.
During editing, various unexpected situations, such as freeze, flashback, shutdown, etc., will also be encountered, and when re-entering the material, it will also encounter the situation that it cannot be opened. With such a tossing, it takes 3 days to cut a few minutes of video.
In addition to the difficulty of filming itself, Li Ziqi has to face the violence of the Internet, such as Li Ziqi's first stop and disappearance.
At that time, netizens felt that her video could not be completed alone and there must be a professional shooting team behind it.

The words were so intense that she scolded her, "Shameless! Can you cook even if you are so beautiful? Think about the possibility with your brain?"
In the beginning, Li Ziqi didn't explain anything about some netizens' abuse, framing, and frame-up. She felt that those who were clean were self-cleaning.
It was not until one time, when she was talking to a friend about online violence, that her 80-year-old grandmother overheard her, and when she chopped pig grass, she lost her mind and cut her hand, so she decided to respond to the doubts of netizens and decided to temporarily stop updating.
It was after this incident that Li Ziqi started looking for a photographer.
Of course, the conception and lens of the video are still dominated by herself, and the photographer mainly shares some of the workloads and gives professional advice on the presentation of her ideas.
Find love in constant experience.

In fact, Li Ziqi has always had an "easy choice" in the face of repeated difficulties.
When she started shooting videos, she could find a professional team.
Ramen noodles, embroidery, movable type printing. You don't need to learn it. You can pose for a photo.
When she first became popular, she could receive more endorsements, realize cash as soon as possible, and achieve financial freedom.
Obedient to commercialization, relying on the IP of "Li Ziqi," becoming a rich woman is just around the corner.
However, she didn't.
Why not?
Because the three words "Li Ziqi" carry her poetry and distance, the meaning and mission of life, she cherishes it very much.
Indeed, when she first started making videos, she just wanted to assist her Taobao store and make a better living.
However, in one video after another, she found her love and the life of her dreams.
Therefore, she closed the Taobao store, plunged into content creation, and lived on the rewards of various platforms.
More people followed, and she found that her videos could let urban children know where food comes from, let more intangible cultural heritage be seen, and let foreign friends know what China is like.

It can even soothe and heal the hearts of others.
Therefore, for her, making videos is a love, a dream, a responsibility on her shoulders, and a mission on her body.
"There are three things I want to do most. The first one is related to rural revitalization and common prosperity; the second one is the inheritance and dissemination of intangible cultural heritage; the third one is to guide the youth."
Because of this, even if she is injured, deceived and misunderstood, questioned and abused, or even falls into the trap of society, she would rather go the "hard" way.
Love can save a person.

This is true for Li Ziqi, and it is also true for us.
No one is born to know everything, and no one is born to know what is suitable for them. We are always in constant experience to find our love and see a wider world.
Therefore, no matter who it is, even in the process of life, there are winds and rains, and there is confusion in the dark night.
Don't be afraid. Go on bravely, and we will always usher in the warm sun in March and bloom brilliantly.

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