Why did Li ZiQi stop working?

Li Ziqi sued Hangzhou Weinian Technology Co.

On July 14, 2021, Li ZiQi, who had disappeared for a long time, suddenly tore up his former partner on the social media platform, beating the drums of war with a sentence: "Capital is really a good tactic."

Subsequently, Li Ziqi's company launched a lawsuit against Weinian.

Marx once said: "From the day it was born, capital reveals greed in every pore, from inside to outside."

What is capital? A narrow understanding is wealth, while a broad understanding is all-encompassing.

If talent is also capital, Li Ziqi, an author whose video works have become popular all over the internet, is also considered one of them.

If party B is responsible for the conception of the work, including his own appearance, both as director and actor, and also responsible for scriptwriting and editing, while party A is only responsible for publicity and promotion, then how should the benefit share be calculated? If Party B suffers a loss, should we file a lawsuit? So, the uneven split is the reason why Li Ziqi and Weinan started tearing up.

From the point of view of the shareholding structure of Li Ziqi and the partner Weinnian, Li Ziqi, who has 49% of the shares, and Liu Tongming, who has 51% of the shares, the former is the executive director and legal representative of the company, while the latter is the supervisor of the company.

Although the difference is only 2%, but Liu Tongming occupies the absolute right to speak. To put it bluntly, Li Ziqi only has the right to work. The real management is Liu Tongming.

According to informed sources in the industry, Li Ziqi has obviously suffered a great loss in the cooperation with Weinnian, and the preliminary judgment is that the nature of the contract is likely to be a "contract of sale." She is jointly and severally liable to the company. Even if she wants to set up her own business and leave the company alone, she cannot leave, and the other party can, according to the contract, file a "reasonable" lawsuit in court. The other party can file a "reasonable" lawsuit in court according to the contract.

In the rule of the law society, not afraid of capital to play rogue, but afraid of rogue has a culture.

As we all know, the only thing that Li Ziqi can do is her food culture videos. However, the real Li Ziqi, what is her cultural level? The actual Li Ziqi, her culture is only junior high school. Does she really understand those long and complicated legal provisions? Otherwise, she wouldn't have signed such an "unequal" treaty in the first place.

So, why did Li Ziqi cooperate with Weinnian in the first place? The reason is really difficult to say.

Li Ziqi, whose real name is Li Jiajia, is a post-90s girl from Mianyang, Sichuan.

In May 2017, because of the net violence, Li Ziqi had to choose to temporarily stop and disclose his life.

When she was young, because her parents were divorced and her stepmother came in, she suffered a lot from her stepmother's anger. When she was 6 years old, her father died, and she was even more unable to be in the same room with her stepmother. Her grandparents could not stand it anymore, so they took her into their care.

Grandfather is not only a very good carpenter but also a good food. Influenced by grandfather, influenced by the eyes of Li Ziqi, also learned a lot of good crafts.

At the age of 12, grandfather died. Li Ziqi, in order to earn money to support the family, had to tear goodbye to the countryside grandmother, to work in the city to earn money.

From 2004 to 2009, after working for five years and being severely beaten by society, Li Ziqi finally realized that she could only start her own business if she wanted to live the life she aspired to.

In 2012, her grandmother became ill and could not be left without care, so Li Ziqi returned to the countryside to take care of her grandmother, and then, in order to earn some living expenses. Li Ziqi accepted her brother's suggestion and started making small videos.

As the amount of fans increased, Li Ziqi's enthusiasm for making original small videos from the heart, also grew.

To make a small video of a swing set, she invested almost a year of her time.

The past Li Ziqi does not want to mention everything, but she can not accept that others look at her with the eyes of "capitalists," so she chooses to reveal her scars.

No one is willing to take the initiative to reveal their scars because the final result is likely to be wildly sprinkled with salt on the wound and even likely to be evaluated as "selling misery to gain sympathy" even so, Li Ziqi had to take the risk.

The initial idea, she just wanted to earn some living expenses, take care of her elderly grandmother, and live a paradise, undisturbed life, but she did not expect to become a hit.

Then, there are too many rumors because she is so popular.

Some people say that she is getting rich with a professional team, and she is also the "unscrupulous capital" who is crazy about cutting fans' leeks.

So, why did the "unscrupulous capital" choose to call the police? According to Li ZiQi's assistant, there are people who make money under the name of Li ZiQi, and since Li ZiQi became popular, there have been various rumors about Li ZiQi on the internet that never break, and the content is unbelievable.

So, who has Li Ziqi offended? The company's products have been spit out by fans, and fans have suggested that Li Ziqi should concentrate on food culture output.

So, in order to concentrate on the food video, Li Ziqi entrusted the traffic to the interests of the partner, Weinian, but he did not expect to fall into the "capital pit."

According to industry analysis, this lawsuit between Li Ziqi and Weinian is essentially a battle for equity allocation, as the largest contributor to the company's traffic, but did not receive substantial benefits, which is what prompted Li Ziqi to go to court with the partner.

According to the industry, a large V number revealed the inside story: "capital play is too unethical, after all, people Li Ziqi is the protagonist, and they are still a major shareholder. You can not put people on the shelf will be her as a "tool" to play ah!

All commercialized, how to engage in cultural export? Li Ziqi originally limited knowledge, you made a trap for her, although grabbed the brand and benefits, also in the moral sense lost the room for maneuver ......"

In fact, the analysis of this big V number is still quite to the point.

Even if you go to court, this kind of human-centered business brand is naturally awarded back to Li Jiajia himself, otherwise how to explain this to the people? Li Ziqi brand can not be returned to the original founder of all? Wouldn't this make Wang Zhihe and Lao Ganma tremble?

The company's business wisdom is not easy to overcome, but it is good to have CCTV as its strong backer.

As an international netizen with over 100 million fans worldwide, she has 14.1 million fans subscribed to YouTube, once setting a new Guinness World Record.

The official media of CCTV has also praised her: "No love can't make Li Ziqi, no love can't read Li Ziqi, foreigners read Li Ziqi's love, so even if her works don't have Chinese translation, they can still be a fire all over the world."

Whether it is to show how to make soy beans into soy sauce or to highly recreate the process of Chinese papermaking, Li Ziqi has spared a lot of time to make elaborate small videos. This kind of original creator from the heart is much more advanced than those on Netflix who rely on beauty cameras to enhance their talents and reap attention with their pompous performances, right? Yang Tianzhen once said beauty is a resource. If beauty can not harness its beauty resources, for beauty, beauty is a double-edged sword, not only hurting people but also hurting themselves.

Talent is also a resource, and Li Ziqi, who could not manage this resource at one time, once ran away, however, CCTV's praise name made her realize her future path and how to go.

CCTV expects Li Ziqi to use more food stories to spread Chinese food culture to the world, while capital only wants to gnaw the crumbs from her and devour the fruits of her labor, which is the biggest difference between the two.

That's why Li Ziqi, who has been reduced to the worst "worker" of capital, revealed this important information to the media who interviewed her: Li Ziqi said that she has three things she especially wants to do, and some of these three things are already highly reflected in her video works, while others are something she will actively work on in the near future. Direction. The first thing is that she hopes to actively respond to the national call in the near future and make her own humble contribution to the promotion of rural revitalization and common prosperity.

The second thing she hopes to do is to continue to spread and pass on the traditional culture of "non-foreign heritage" so that the food culture of the Chinese nation of 5,000 years can become famous all over the world through the small video she made.

Thirdly, she hopes that Li ZiQi's brand will no longer be a netizen in the eyes of the public but will be able to positively guide the youth and establish a positive image of positive energy.

In fact, the country has always spared no effort in protecting national brands, however, there is still a long way to go before some things are really put into practice.

Because in July this year, with a history of three hundred years, Zhang Xiaoquan could not shoot garlic, fell into the network of laughing stock, but the children of China feel the sadness of such a long history of China; why not in the international economic trade, like Haier, Huawei, as the role of the industry leader? Instead, it has become a source of laughs for the whole network. It's no coincidence that while KFC and McDonald's, the foreign brands with "fast food culture," are flaunting in our Chinese land, our "Quanjude" roast duck, under the heavy support of the national protection of "non-heritage "the heavy support, why the door is left out? Therefore, if Li Ziqi wants to get substantial support and cooperation, it is necessary to deliver a trustworthy and practical planning, not just a general talk.

To do this, Li ZiQi himself, in strengthening their own cultural strength, will have to make some efforts.

As the saying goes, the book uses Fang to hate little, so, knowledge changes fate this saying, from ancient times to the present, or some truth.


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