Who is Li Ziqi?

Who is Li Ziqi? She is the "king of cooking", she can shoot "nostalgia" and make "mother's taste". Li Ziqi's success lies in love, love of life, love of home, love of culture. And everyone who likes her, because of love, understands this girl called Li Ziqi. 

Li Ziqi is on fire, and I just joined the discussion about her. But after reading about her, I found out that it's her! It's the short video blogger who takes pictures of normal life and traditional culture like a poem. In fact, I saw her works myself several years ago and her works have been coming into my view from time to time. The reason why I can't remember her name is perhaps the habitual bias of middle-aged people's attention, who can remember the content but not necessarily the specific person. But in fact, she is in my online life, and once she enters, she never leaves.

Li Ziqi is from Mianyang, Sichuan, and I have been there once. But on that occasion, I fell deeply in love with it. Objectively speaking, Mianyang is indeed beautiful, and if you rate cities across the country, Mianyang must be at the top of the list, but this is by no means the reason for Li Ziqi's fire. I like the rivers, I like sitting by the riverside at night and drinking beer, I like the cultural heritage of Li Bai's hometown, but I can't be Li Ziqi because she loves Mianyang so much that it is in the blood of the city and countryside. Therefore, I say that Li Ziqi is Yu Guangzhong. The poet Yu Guangzhong wrote his fervent homesickness and patriotism into "four rhymes of nostalgia", which include "Yangtze River water", "Begonia red", "Snow white" and "Wax plum fragrance". It organically organizes four groups of imagery: "Yangtze River water", "begonia red", "snowflake white" and "wax plum fragrance". Give me a scoop of Yangtze water, give me a sheet of begonia red, give me a piece of snowflake white, give me a wax plum fragrance, using almost white description of realistic, write the taste of nostalgia, the burning pain of nostalgia, the waiting of nostalgia, the fragrance of the countryside. Although Li ZiQi is young, how is this not the case? She makes vegetables, wine, paper, shoes, Chinese makeup, baskets, stoves, and pavilions, which of them are not unadorned reality? The love for the hometown and the culture is all in one frame.

Born in 1990, Li Ziqi's father died when she was six years old, and she became dependent on her grandparents. Living in rural Mianyang, Li Ziqi grew up doing carpentry with her grandfather, cooking with her grandmother, and working in the fields when the crops were ripe. Later, she went out to work and did a variety of jobs. If her grandmother was not seriously ill, she gave up her job in the city, she might have been one of the millions of ordinary wage earners and working girls. But after returning to the countryside, for the flow of online stores, self-directed ancient food video accidentally fire. Because she made the taste of her hometown and made the taste of love. Therefore, I say Li Ziqi is the "Ratatouille King". One of the most touching scenes of the movie "Total Food" is that when the sarcastic critic eats the Provence vegetables made for him by the little mouse, the spoon in his hand falls to the ground, and time seems to stop at that moment. The camera pans to a day when he was a child, he came home sweating from playing and hungry, and his mother gently touched his head, brought him a plate of food, and said to him, "Hungry, eat. That's the taste of Provencal vegetables, mom's taste. Each of us has eaten many delicious things, but what cannot be replaced by any kind of delicious food is the taste of mom, the taste of home, the taste of hometown. Li Ziqi's short video captures the taste of home, stuffed soy sauce, steamed nest, sun vermicelli, hanging persimmon cake, each shot is so detailed and intimate. I watched her use the dustpan to turn the soybeans one at a time, it was really intimate and touching, I also did this kind of farm work when I was a child.

Without love, you can't become Li ZiQi. Likewise, without love, I can't understand Li Ziqi. If her works are more or less familiar to us Chinese, what about foreigners? Is it because of curiosity that Li ZiQi's miracle has spread overseas? No, it's not curiosity, but they understood Li Ziqi's love and touched the love in their hearts. This love is connected, which also explains why many of Li Ziqi's works are not translated at all, but still do not affect the global fire of these videos.

The friendship of nations lies in the closeness of people, and the closeness of people lies in the connection of hearts. In Li Ziqi's videos, there is not a single word boasting China's goodness, but she has told Chinese culture and Chinese stories well. She was just quietly doing farming work and occasionally speaking a few words of Sichuan dialect with her grandmother, but people all over the world began to understand the "interesting and beautiful" traditional Chinese culture, and praised the diligence and intelligence of Chinese people, and then began to like Chinese people and this country. I have to say that Li Ziqi is a miracle, a miracle of international cultural communication made by a normal heart.

I admire this girl. But I am also quite proud of myself because I am a dot in the background of her work. From today onwards, like Li Ziqi, I love life and live a wonderful and confident life as a Chinese.

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