Li Ziqi Hot and Sour Powder Bagged Sichuan Vermicelli 5CPS

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The spicy and sour taste that you can't forget

The taste and ingredients of Sichuan hot and sour noodles vary and are not all
The same. But the essence of the spicy and sour noodles is the same.
has always been the same. Although I have made hot and sour noodles myself, the
We have made our own hot and sour noodles, but the requirements to make it a branded product are much higher.
We use the sweet potato coarse wet flour, and make some changes in the soup base.
We hope you can eat authentic Sichuan hot and sour noodles without leaving home.

  • Authentic Sweet Potato Wet Noodles
    Non-fried traditional leaky noodles process

  • The special bone broth soup base
    High temperature and high pressure soup with fresh ingredients

  • Can be boiled or soaked
    Q-string noodles are convenient and quick
Spicy with a red color

A variety of pepper types are selected and blended in proportion
Stir-fried over an open fire to make a bright red spicy sauce
Add it to the hot and sour noodles to make it spicy but not chilly

  • FD freeze-dried green stalks
  • Bean sprouts
  • Canadian peas
  • Seasoned sauce packets
  • Seasoned soup packets
  • Seasoned vinegar packets
The traditional leaky process of making noodles
Cooked in hot water, not fried

Wet noodles play an important role in the popularity of local Sichuan hot and sour noodles.
Using the leakage process, hot water cooked non-fried, made of sweet potato wet noodles
Q pop strong, enough flavor enough authentic!

The bone broth soup base
Rich, fresh, and nutritious

Using pork bones and chicken bones as raw materials
Through high temperature and high pressure boiling to get bone broth
Supplemented with a variety of spices to enhance the aroma, rich and delicious
  • Brand Name: Li Ziqi
  • Shelf life: 180 days
  • Specification: 252*5 bags
  • Place of Origin: Mainland China
  • Province: Sichuan Province
  • City: Chengdu
  • Taste: Hot and sour powder*5 bags
  • Packing method: Packing
  • Net content: 1260g

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Li Ziqi Hot and Sour Powder Bagged Sichuan Vermicelli 5CPS
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