Li ZiQi Tieguanyin chopped pepper sauce sichuan chili sauce flavor spicy mixed noodles and rice down spicy sauce 230*2

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Pick some tea leaves to make something different and spicy

Tea flavor into the sauce spicy but not choking

Vegetables as three parts of food, sea pepper as clothing"
Sichuan people can not leave the spicy, mention the spicy will come to energy, and began to pound up the chopped pepper sauce
But out of the spicy sauce is too choking, not satisfied, I thought it was stuck
Later talked to a master of the sauce was inspired: some of the sauce taste too choking
Add some tea leaves to warm up, but also to increase the aroma
So according to this method picked up the sauce, tasted a lot of tea
Picked the Anxi Tieguanyin into the spicy
to have this mouthful of spicy aroma
I hope you are spicy and happy (can not eat spicily do not easily try it)

A hundred turns of hot and spicy
Spicy and thick red pepper
Thin-skinned and thick green pepper
Double pepper combination
Presenting the traditional Sichuan chopped pepper sauce flavor

Long-lasting aroma
Szechuan yellow lai seed oil
Combination of spicy pepper and tea aroma
Adding a sour and refreshing taste
Unstoppable aroma and freshness

The sweet and warm crunchy taste
Full of red pine nuts
Crispy and oily
Adding another crispness to the sauce

Harmoniously intertwined and clear
Aromatic Tie Guanyin blend
aroma and mellow
Mince sauce is spicy but not chilly
The sweetness of the sauce is aromatic

The taste is rich and fresh
The yellow rapeseed oil, a favorite of western Sichuan people, is selected
First fried and then pressed, complemented by fresh ingredients
Rich aroma and long aftertaste

The two peppers are rich in spiciness
After several attempts, we chose the combination of small rice pepper and two thorns
The color and spiciness of the red pepper and the aroma and taste of the green peppercorn are taken into account.
The spicy and crisp flavor of the green pepper is also spicy and sweet.

Product information

Specification: 230g/bottle*2
Â- Shelf life: 12 months
Origin: Chengdu, Sichuan
Ingredients: fresh chili (43.8%), vegetable oil, garlic, old pickled vegetables (bok choy, radish, rapeseed oil, chili, edible salt, garlic, onion, sodium glutamate, citric acid, sweetener, potassium sorbate, sodium dehydrogenate), peanuts, onions, ginger, pine seeds, edible salt, Tieguanyin tea (0.4%), tempeh (black beans, water, edible salt), white wine, brewing soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence Seasoning, sugar, yeast extract, spices, flavoring, 5'-flavoring nucleotide disodium

◎Eating method: open the lid and eat; meal, seasoning
◎ Preservation method: a cool dry place away from light, open the lid, please refrigerate, recommended 3-5 days to consume
◎Caution: not suitable for pregnant babies, weak spleen and stomach, diarrhea, hyperthyroidism, chronic liver disease, hemorrhoids, nephritis, etc.
◎ Caution: not suitable for pregnant women and infants, people with diarrhea, hyperthyroidism, chronic liver disease, hemorrhoids and nephritis


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Li ZiQi Tieguanyin chopped pepper sauce sichuan chili sauce flavor spicy mixed noodles and rice down spicy sauce 230*2
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