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We like Li Ziqi video, I look or not look she is there, quiet and calm and natural. She kind of just called life, in the big city things running around people can only be called alive. I hope you continue to be a fairy of the mortal world! From Li Ziqi's food video can be seen, her life always reveals the simplicity of the antique. However, many people don't know that the dignified looking woman actually has a very difficult life, and it is the cruel survival environment that created the decathlon. The birth of this website is to allow more friends who like Li ZiQi to converge here, and many of them are very interested in the tools and food that Li ZiQi has used and want to learn how to use them, so this Topliziqi.com was born, and that is the meaning of this website, which will not only This is what this Li Ziqi Shop is all about. Not only will we sell these, but we will also update the videos and information of Dick Lee in his life. The website was established not long ago, but we believe that by integrating love and service, we can really serve Li ZiQi's fans and hope that everything is happy for you here.

Li Ziqi is a dream maker in reality, and an ordinary person who makes dreams come true. In the countryside and mountain streams, in the midst of spring and autumn, she presents the traditional and true lifestyle of Chinese people, allowing modern urbanites to find a sense of belonging and the world to understand a living Chinese culture. With a meal, she gives aesthetic meaning to the flow of the seasons and the change of seasons, and she shows the vitality that "labor" brings to people.In real life, she is not as well-dressed as in the video with exquisite makeup and well-dressed, because there is a lot of farm work to do in the countryside, so she is usually plain-faced, living in a rural girl's dress. Although she is very popular on the Internet, but in addition to the village head and his family, neighbors do not know what a star she is, because the older generation does not understand, and the young people have gone out to work. In the eyes of the village, she is still the ordinary rural girl, whether it is a broken light bulb or the phone will not work, the neighbors will call her help.