Plum Seven fruit quinoa crisp oatmeal fruit cereal dry breakfast ready to eat nutritional meal replacement

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Non-fried quinoa crisp
With Eight Fruits and Thousands

Convenient and nutritious meal replacement
0 trans fatty acids

Convenient and nutritious meal replacement
Delicious right out of the bag

Tasty and healthy meal replacement

Busy at work and need to replenish energy

People who need to lose weight
Simple diet with light taste

Baby mothers
Busy life with irregular diet

Light meal replacement with more "nourishment" colorful
In the mouth, rich wheat flavor, crisp, crispy.
With eight fruit thousand, sweet and sour soft steel is very delicious
A variety of ways to eat, convenient to enjoy.

Non-fried cereal crisp healthy crisp enjoy
Based on quinoa crisp is the main ingredient.
The non-frying process is used to ensure health and safety.
After many tests, as far as possible to retain its nutrition, the taste of crispy.

Made with Qinghai quality quinoa
The high protein content of quinoa, many amino acids, high dietary fiber
Balanced nutrition
Classified by NASA as the ideal "space food"

8 kinds of dried fruits rich in vitamin C
Specially selected 8 kinds of dried fruits, each l00g fruit quinoa crisp
About 88% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C for adults.
Fruity, sweet and sour taste

1 meal calories <1 bun
About 33g of quinoa crisp for 1 meal, about 138 calories
1 bun (100g) about 236 calories

Enjoy the variety of ways to eat
Delicious even in dry form
Eat it with milk
Toss with salad
Eat with cake



Product Information

Product Name: Fruit Quinoa Crisp
Shelf life:10 months
Storage method: airtight, cool, and dry storage
Ingredients: quinoa grain crisp (oats, quinoa, rice, icing sugar, edible vegetable oil, maltose syrup, whole milk powder, algae sugar, honey, cream, cornflour, wheat kernel, buckwheat, rye, wheat germ, coconut, flaxseed, phospholipid D-is ascorbic acid sodium, xanthan gum), corn flakes, dried papaya, dried mango dried pineapple, dried strawberries, dried figs, rosemary crisps, dried blueberries, dried yellow Dried peach, dried pineapple. (*Ingredient information is subject to product package labeling)
Allergens: Gluten-containing grains and products, milk and dairy products, honey and bee products.

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Plum Seven fruit quinoa crisp oatmeal fruit cereal dry breakfast ready to eat nutritional meal replacement
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