Li ZiQi Easy herbal tea nourishing flower tea raw tea adzuki bean barley rose chrysanthemum tea bags 10 PCS

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Grass and trees have a heart and a face

ZiQi always enjoys planting in her own yard and surrounding fields. Flowers and plants of all kinds
ZiQi believes that everything has a spirit, grass, and trees have a heart and that every flower and tree is a pure messenger of nature.
She is happy to live with plants and trees, and it seems that her whole life has become "transparent".
A transparent life, happy!

Good tea is good, the day is a comfortable
Usually love to raise flowers, more love to drink flower tea.
Drinking a cup after a busy day makes the body feel much more relaxed.
The new recipe of Easy Herbal Tea takes eight original ingredients and carefully optimizes the formula many times.
The moment the finished product comes out, three parts surprise, seven parts are a relief.
Brew a cup, the entrance is refreshing and slightly sweet, free and happy.

The eight original ingredients are quite authentic

Job's tear
Red bean
Mulberry leaf

The selection of raw materials is very important, so we are prudent, personally to each origin
We carefully select the eight original ingredients and improve the recipe carefully, so that the essence of the raw materials will not be wasted.

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Specification: "9g X 10 bags J
Shelf life:12 months
Ingredients Ingredients: kumquat, adzuki bean, red rose, chrysanthemum, mulberry, barley, Poria Mulberry leaf
Storage conditions: placed in a cool, dry room temperature, away from the sun, humid environment (to avoid the product
The overall aroma and taste decline, affecting the drinking experience)
Drinking method: tear open the sachet, put the tea bag into a cup, increase the hot water at 85°C Brew, wait 3-5 minutes to drink
Warm tips: not recommended for pregnant women, children, weak, physiological and other groups of people to drink

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Li ZiQi Easy herbal tea nourishing flower tea raw tea adzuki bean barley rose chrysanthemum tea bags 10 PCS
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