Li Ziqi red oil beef Mian Yang rice noodles instant rice noodles spicy fresh aroma 3 bags

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  • Powerful diced beef

  • Q popping and smooth fine rice noodles

  • Mianyang Special Flavor

  • A bowl of noodles I grew up eating

  • Mianyang rice noodles, a bowl of noodles I grew up eating
    Soft and glutinous rice noodles, covered with red-colored, mellow and fresh soup
    Connected with a flash of memory
    This time, I finally made a satisfying taste of Mianyang and want to share it with you.

Q-tip and smooth fine rice flour
Flavoring is a specialty

{The taste of fine flour is the characteristic of Mianyang rice noodles that is different from other rice noodles.
We especially use Indica rice fine grinding powder, the rice aroma is rich, so the fine powder
The taste of the soup base is good, bringing out the fragrance of the mouth}

{Life is yours, please enjoy it seriously - a bowl of Mianyang rice noodles}

For one person - steaming hot and not muddled
For a friend - with a little spice
Quick and easy to eat - chase away hunger with a quick shiver

Strength of beef grain smoothly shouting noodles with meat is very happy

{A bowl of noodles is not without meat, especially added strong beef particles
We use the "deep-fried and then boiled" production method, the beef is soft and tasty without losing its chewiness
The more you chew, the better it tastes! }


{It's no exaggeration to say that the taste of a bowl of rice noodles depends on the bowl of soup.
Boiling alone is not enough, a good bowl of soup is about "color, aroma, and taste"
We use long fire to enhance the aroma, medium fire to fix the color, after slow-boiling to produce aroma
We also need a "fermentation" step, after the soup base is cooled and covered so that the ingredients can be fully integrated
Time to wait for the deliciousness}


Product Information

[Product Name]: Li ZiQi Red Oil Beef Mianyang Rice Noodles
[Ingredients Ingredients]: Rice noodle packet toppings, red sauce packet toppings, braised beef packet toppings,
red oil bun toppings, seaweed bun toppings, sauerkraut bun toppings, pea bun toppings
[Production Place]: Mianyang City, Sichuan Province
[Specification Size]: 250g/bag (90g for rice flour packet, 160g for toppings) *3
[Preservation]: Keep in a cool and dry place at room temperature, refrigerate after opening and consume as soon as possible.
[Allergenic substances]: This product contains soy and its products: cereals and their products containing gluten
[Shelf life]: 6 months
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Li Ziqi red oil beef Mian Yang rice noodles instant rice noodles spicy fresh aroma 3 bags
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