LiZiQi LuoSiFen Spicy Instant Noodle 3 PCS

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The taste of old Liuzhou with sour bamboo shoots in the cellar
Conch noodles, eaten and forgotten, are often rejected by those who have not eaten
Before the brand in order to let many people who do not eat snail noodles can also have a shouting experience
Made snail noodles for the public taste
In this... I have received many private messages saying that they want to try a little more "wild"
The "wild" flavor of snail noodles this time

Soulful, smelly, and sour bamboo shoots
Large and meaty fresh bamboo shoots
Pickled and sour, stored in an old jar
Characteristic sour smell, rich and long

The thicker and more refined candle soup base
The soul of a bowl of snail noodles is the soup
Snail and pork bones, plus more than 20 kinds of spices
The concentrated stewed soup base, rich and fresh aroma

Spices boiled spicy oil mellow and fresh spicy
Chili noodles soaked in high temperature hot oil to release the spicy aroma
And then add a variety of spices seasoning to make the spicy layers of richer aroma
Spicy but not dry, shivering until sweat dripping

Eight ingredients with full color and flavor
Peanuts, bean curd, sour bean curd, sour bamboo shoots, dried radish, black fungus, chili oil, sour vinegar
A variety of ways to do it
Tinfoil conch powder
Stir-fried spiral noodles
Spiral noodles hot pot

1、Add cold water and cook for 8-10 minutes, take out and set aside, (suggest two drops of vinegar, so that the powder will be very tender)
2, refill 400ml of cold water, will have cooked rice noodles and spiral powder soup ingredients package to add, cook - a minute or so off the heat, into the bowl
3. Add the ingredient packet and stir well to serve.

Name: Liuzhou snail noodles
Specifications: 400g (modulation of dry rice noodles package 120g, seasoning package 280g)
Shelf life: 180 days at room temperature
Ingredients: modulated dry rice noodle packet, snail meat soup ingredient packet, chili oil ingredient packet, sour bamboo ingredient packet, bean curd ingredient packet, peanut ingredient packet, aromatic vinegar packet, dried radish ingredient packet with sour bean curd and black fungus
Storage method: Please keep in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight
Place of production: Liuzhou, Guangxi
Warm reminder: If the product is damaged, leakage of the package, please do not eat
Allergenic substances tip: the product ingredients contain peanuts and their products, soybeans and their products



Brand LIZIQI Brand Origin China
Net Content 400g
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LiZiQi LuoSiFen Spicy Instant Noodle 3 PCS
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